About Us

PeopleMax® was first developed for the Britomart opening in mid 2003. The Auckland Regional Council was having difficulty communicating public transport changes using traditional mass communication methods. Thinking outside the box, it seemed the only way to guarantee commuters understood the messages was to put a person at every location. With this solution, PeopleMax® was born.

Since the Britomart opening, PeopleMax® has been a preferred supplier to Auckland Transport for Communication Ambassadors and researchers. PeopleMax® has also developed a range of HR services including launching a sister company ActionActors (www.actionactors.co.nz) for promotions, role play and branding.

With the launch of the new PeopleMax website we can provide all businesses and event managers nationwide with an easy to use recruitment tool. Our worker database provides you with a selection of workers looking for part time or temporary contract work, or those seeking full time employment.

Traditionally, recruitment has involved listing a vacancy in Seek or TradeMe jobs, costing several hundreds of dollars and then having to sift through often hundreds of applicants to filter out the appropriate short list to consider for interviews. For even a routing administrative role the recruitment process can easily take up a full week – and this time equals even more cost on top of the advertisement charges.

Now with new PeopleMax people finder website you can identify your short list for interviews quickly and easily and as part of our service launch promotion – you only pay if you take on one of our part time or temporary workers or offer a full time role.*

Check out our worker database and get PeopleMax working today!

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