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PeopleMax – September Newsletter

The PeopleMax crew have been out in force recently, continuing to spread the latest updates, changes and news from Auckland Transport. As ‘the face’ of Auckland Transport, they’re helping to keep Auckland commuters moving through on-site communication and an active presence around transport hubs.

Andrew in Ablert StConnecting with the community

Communicating these messages successfully is critical to Auckland Transport’s reputation as a world-class service provider. As such, PeopleMax’s resource of workers are selected for their solid knowledge of the Auckland public transport system and journey planning, as well as their communication skills and ability to confidently engage with all members of the community.

Representing the real Auckland

Auckland boasts a melting pot society of cultures, ethnicities and languages – it’s part of what makes this city such a fun and fascinating place to live – and we’re proud of our team’s ability and versatility in representing and reaching commuters across all social sectors of the City of Sails. And they’re just as proud to be out there helping the community and getting involved with making Auckland a great city to live in. We know that the public are certainly appreciative of being able to approach a professional and personable ambassador with their questions. Keep up to date with the latest projects and see how the PeopleMax team are successfully delivering Auckland Transport’s messages to the masses by checking out the latest projects below.

Need some ‘on-site stars’?

If you’ve got a project coming up, you might want to have a chat to our team about your HR requirements. In case you haven’t already been in touch with us, we’d love you to meet our Head Office crew who are happy to chat about providing temporary or contract workers for your next project.

Meet the team:

Simon Shreeve – Manager

Simon will be your point of contact when placing your job requests. He’ll assess your project requirements and ensure you receive the right HR requirements specific to the projects needs, by helping you select candidates with relevant skills and experience.

Debbie – Administration & Recruitment

As part of our service offering to you, we collect in-field reports and feedback from every shift. An important part of Debbie’s role is to summarise and collate this information to send back to you, providing efficient and effective feedback and project reports.

Bindesh – Field Manager

PeopleMax provide on-site project management from our in-Field Manager, Bindesh. Bindesh ensures the smooth running of projects, including project briefings, contractor placement and co-ordination and the management of any equipment or data.

Don’t forget you can take a look at our database of skilled contractors on our site yourself. View our workers.

Latest Projects:

All Blacks vs South Africa

Ambassadors were on hand to assist the AB’s with yet another Test win at Eden Park, by ensuring that all members of the travelling public had the correct assistance and information. They made sure that the fans with a game ticket knew about the free transport options both to and from the game, and regular travellers knew how to get to their destination in the most efficient way, with the significant game day changes to regular services in place.

Ritchies Bus Company on ScheMandeep spreading the word on AT HOPdule Tagging-on with AT HOP

It’s a big job educating the city about transport changes, but once again PeopleMax ambassadors were out disseminating this information to the public. North Shore commuters were greeted by friendly faces along the Northern Bus route recently – read more about their role here.

Survey Work Counting Passengers at New Lynn Station

Businesses need to obtain accurate information to be able to make informed decisions on how to enhance their efficiency or productivity; this is where PeopleMax ambassadors are able to offer a further valuable service by collecting information for our clients. Read more about how the meticulous skills of our ambassadors played an important role in collecting accurate information recently in New Lynn.

Panmure Personal Journey Planning

Ambassadors have been working alongside OPUS Consultants to encourage an increased uptake of public transport usage in the Panmure area. They have been recruiting participants into the project by door knocking and offering journey planning services and incentives for members of the public to take up public transport… more in the next newsletter.

Positive Feedback on Jim

Also I had forgotten to say yesterday that Jim is simply wonderful. He was with Sonnya for an event in Henderson yesterday and he was fantastic.

Auckland Transport

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Testimonial from All Blacks International

I wanted to thank you and the rest of your teams for the huge effort put in for the All Blacks International last Saturday night. We achieved our goals with only some small hurdles and the Public Transport Services were very well received by both the public and the operational teams at the stadium. Thank you for everything that you do to make events such as these a great success.

Auckland Transport

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Feedback on AT HOP Activities

I’m very happy to report we’ve had very good feedback on the work done by PeopleMax® staff during the AT HOP activities so far. Simon and Bindesh have been doing a great job. I also appreciate how positively your staff have worked alongside our ‘A Team’ AT staff members.

Auckland Transport

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Testimonial for Takapuna and Geraldine on Constellation

Ambassadors really good at Takapuna and Geraldine at Constellation really good with the customers.

Approx 1/3 of passengers I spoke to had already received information during the day.

Good effort those ambassadors!!

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Feeback from AT HOP Card Project

I just would like to say the AT Ambassador ( Geraldine) who I have been working with does an awesome job. She talks to all the passengers who come on site, moves around, not shy, just brilliant.

Love working with her.


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PeopleMax Informer June & July 2013

The workers at PeopleMax have been kept very busy this winter with a number of projects undertaken in June and July.

Read on to find out at a glimpse of what we have been up to.

PeopleMax® is the reliable, no-hassle contract workforce provider for Public Transport related projects. Remember, if you book  worker with us, we’ll do everything for you – training, rostering, contracts, communication, management and post-campaign reporting.

Our workers can handle any manner of technical job brief. Simply present us with your project and we’ll provide the workers to do it. Our part-time workforce can do more than simply hand out flyers, they are hugely experienced at face-to-face interaction with the public, have a solid knowledge of Auckland’s public transport network and are experts at getting your message across.

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Communication Ambassadors at New Transport Centre in Onehunga

Communication Ambassador OnehungaAfter extensive renovations and improvements the New Transport Center in Onehunga is now up and running next to the Library and Community Centre. To inform Auckland Transport customers that the temporary bus stops are no longer in use, friendly PeopleMax Communication Ambassadors were out in the field at the old bus stops to direct the customers to the new stops.

Communication Ambassador OnehungaThe PeopleMax Ambassadors also helped the Auckland Transport customers at the new bus stops with general enquiries and finding the right bus stop for their destination

PeopleMax Ambassadors Survey Bus Passengers at Westgate Shopping Centre

Communication Ambassadors Transfer WestgateIs  Westgate  Shopping Centre bus station a frequently used transfer hub?, or, is it used more as a destination rather than a transfer hub? In order to find the answer to this logistically important question Auckland Transport sent PeopleMax Communication Ambassadors out in the field for 2 days  to  study the numbers of people transferring. They also undertook detailed Qualitative Market Research by asking passengers a series of questions about their public transport habits when it comes to the Westgate station, that will help Auckland Transport to plan for the future.

PeopleMax Informer May 2013

Hello from the team at PeopleMax®!

It’s been a super-busy few months for our part-time workers especially with the jam-packed Auckland sporting calendar. Our contract staff have been on hand at the V8 Supercars, the Golden Mile and the ITU World Triathlon Series events.

They’ll also be helping out at a certain rugby grudge match in June of this year. But more on that later…

PeopleMax® is the reliable, no-hassle contract workforce provider. Remember, if you book full or part-time staff with us, we’ll do everything for you – training, rostering, contracts, salaries, communication, management and post-campaign reporting.

Our staff can handle any manner of technical job brief. Simply present us with your project and we’ll provide the staff to do it. Our part-time workforce can do more than simply hand out flyers, they are hugely experienced at face-to-face interaction with the public and are experts at getting your message across.
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ActionActors - Promo Workers

Rail Safety Week

Well done and congratulations to our ActionActors, Andy & Jamie, who have once again provided the talent for promotional launch of Rail Safety Week.

These boys have been donning the red and white stripy lycra suits for over a year now to become the recognisable face of Rail safety at crossings around the country.

To view Promo Workers, visit ActionActors.

View full article at NZ Herald