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Namit Dutta

Hi, my name is Namit. I have been a part of PeopleMax since the beginning of the Rugby World Cup. PeopleMax offers great opportunities to work a new project everytime and meet new people. Anthony and Natalie are great to work with. They handle projects really well and also look after all ambassadors.

Reshma Jesvani

I am Reshma Jesvani. I started working with people max during Rugby world cup. I Iike to work for people max because it has very friendly and supportive team. I like to work on Auckland Transport projects because it give me opportunity to interact with different people which I really enjoy. I am looking  forward for ongoing projects this year.

Deidre Howe

I have worked with PeopleMax Since February 2009, they provide a variety of roles and i enjoy helping people and working with a diverse range of cultures. Working on Auckland Transport projects is always good because you are in the know about upcoming changes, a lot of my friends and family use public transport.


Romy Hopper

“Have I worked at PeopleMax for a couple months now. like working for them because it provides flexibility for me to be able to continue my other creative pursuits as well as giving me the autonomy to be able to manage my own time based on my needs. I like working on Auckland Transport projects because I am able to bump up my own knowledge of our transport infrastructure while helping other people get to where they need to be”.


Tamara Guillard

“Hi, I’m tamara and I’ve been working for PeopleMax since RWC 2011. I really enjoy working with PeopleMax as i can go to uni and have this job too. I have meet some really fun people and our team is alway different. Working with Auckland Transport is really fun and i enjoy it because i like helping people by giving them the information they need and putting a smilie on people faces. You get to speak with locals, visitors and tourists from all around the world even get to talk to some famous people. its an awesome job and every time you work its different, and learn heaps everytime you work”.

Simon Shreeve

“My Name is Simon Shreeve and I joined Action Actors in July 2011 and I have worked on many and varied projects for Action Actors and the sister company PeopleMax since then.I love the variety of the work, as one day I could be on the ground assisting with large passenger movements ensuring that people get to an important rugby game on time, and the next day I may be undertaking vital market research work, at a bus or train station, that will help to shape the future transport solutions for Auckland. I really enjoy the customer service work that we undertake for Auckland Transport and the meeting of many different people that this involves.I also enjoy working different shifts and having the flexibility of working when I want to work, as this allows me to undertake other employment and to attend evening classes.I really enjoy the professionalism of the Management team at Action Actors and PeopleMax; Anthony, Natalie and Debbie, they are all so keen and enthusiastic about their work. Often they have to fill rosters very quickly for last minute urgent projects and because of the great relationships they have built up with the staff they are able to get willing people in places in very quick time frames. Also, they are very efficient with all aspects of Communication and Administration, so that as workers we know where to be, at what time, who we are meeting and what we are doing, this means that we are able to do what we do best for the clients”

Elena MacDonald

“Hi, My name is Elena and I am Russian from Scotland . I have been living in NZ for the past 6 years and worked with PeopleMax  for the past 8 month. I absolutely love it ! One of the latest  projects I did was Hop Card promotion/renewal   for students at Massey University  and I really enjoyed been helpful along with having lots of fun . Also I would thank  PeopleMax  management  team for been very nice, friendly and extremely  helpful ! Thanks” .


Balan Venkatalhalam

“I have worked for Peoplemax for over five years. I like working for them because i like the work in dealing with public and it has got flexible hours which fits into my schedule easily. Payment for work is always on time. It is a very friendly atmosphere. The mangers are easily approachable. I like working for Auckland transport as a client because i see a very professional approach towards  customer needs. I have seen what it means to put the customer first before everything else. I belive public transport over the last five years has improved tremendously  and i believe that its largely because of their  hard wok and dedication. Lastly the biggest lesson i got working with peoplemax  was good personal relationships are very important whether it is with clients, public, colleagues or even managers we deal with every day”.

Joshua Santos

I have worked with PeopleMax Since January 2011.I like the flexibility that Peoplemax offers with the choice of whether you want to work or not. You get to meet other contractors while working on various projects, most of whom are very friendly and there is a constant flow of work each day. Auckland Transport Projects are great because they provide us with adequate supplements during long shifts, such as $10 food allowance, water and snacks, and their team are open to questions and are friendly when giving us briefs.

Nooroa Jessie

My name is Nooroa Ngaoa Jessie, I have worked for People Max for 4months, This job really suites me because I’m studying and can work basically whenever I’m free? I’m a real sociable person that loves to meet new people and on the top side i live and study in Auckland so that’s why i enjoy working on Auckland Transport Projects. Communication with Natalie and Anthony is on the money! Love it! No time wasted if you want the opportunity for a job, you got to get in fast and reply those emails because there are others competing with you for the same position. Really enjoy coming into the office to see them knowing that they will have a friendly smile and attitude waiting for you.

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ActionActors - Promo Workers

Rail Safety Week

Well done and congratulations to our ActionActors, Andy & Jamie, who have once again provided the talent for promotional launch of Rail Safety Week.

These boys have been donning the red and white stripy lycra suits for over a year now to become the recognisable face of Rail safety at crossings around the country.

To view Promo Workers, visit ActionActors.

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