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Our revised database will enable you to be put directly in front of prospective employers for part time contract work, full time contract work or even full time employment.

Please take the time to complete each field clearly.  The general comments box is your opportunity to promote yourself directly, telling a potential employer about yourself as a worker and what you offer.  When the database goes live there will be a photo (display is optional) of yourself with your first name or non de plume displayed, plus next to this your general comments will be presented in summary form and key points about your work skills and qualifications  will be shown. To see an example of a profile, view our Demo Profile page.

When a prospective employer views your listing, they will see your photo (or standard outline if you don’t want your photo displayed), your first name, general comments and qualifications/skills summary.  Should you be selected for more information, we will then forward your CV and then let you know about any resulting interview or job offer.

Please complete all fields in this application – also note that we must have a photo for ID purposes (display on your listing is optional).

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