Newsletter March 2012

Hello from the team at PeopleMax!

So we’ve all been back at work for a while but, typically, the students are only just starting their year.  Campuses are beginning to fill up with new and returning students and they’ve been the primary focus for our part-time contract staff in recent times.

Our part-time contractors have also been looking out for the general public too, with a road safety campaign focusing specifically on pedestrians.

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What our PeopleMax contract staff are up to right now:

Have you got your Maxx ID sticker?

Auckland Transport is keen to encourage the student population to use public transport.  Students receive significant discounts on fare prices (up to 40% off normal prices) but they now need a specific sticker on their student ID to receive them.


Tertiary Campaign


PeopleMax had over 20 ambassadors at 5 tertiary institutions around Auckland (MIT, Massey, Unitec, AUT and both Auckland University campuses in the CBD and Tamaki) handing out flyers and reminding students to get a Maxx ID sticker on their student ID as soon as possible.

HOP Promotions Campaign

Once a student has their Maxx ID sticker, they’re able to renew their Tertiary HOP card.

Hop Campaign

What they might not know is that 2011 Tertiary HOP cards need to be renewed for 2012 by the end of March.

This is why the 5 major tertiary institutions in Auckland all had booths manned by PeopleMax contract workers, helping students fill out the renewal form and to make sure the paperwork is all ship-shape so they can receive public transport discounts.


Check Before You Step’

It’s a sad fact that too many pedestrians are injured inNew Zealandeach year.  Auckland Transport and PeopleMax, along with Action Actors, were trying to help minimise incidents on the roads this year.

The name of the campaign was ‘Check before your step’.

Six ‘Lifesavers’ were at intersections around Auckland intercepting people who are about to cross the road, asking them various questions about the campaign and giving them postcards with safety hints for travelling on foot.

We’re hopeful that through this campaign our PeopleMax ambassadors and Action Actors staff will help prevent injuries on our roads in 2012.


What’s coming up for PeopleMax?

At 5am on the 25th of March, things are really going to change onNew Zealand roads.

Two give way rules are being modified to make our roads safer.  As the habits of most drivers are fairly ingrained and these changes affect all road users (drivers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians), it’s a big challenge for Auckland Transport and the NZTA to spread the word.

As part of the wider campaign to educate the public on these changes, PeopleMax contract workers will be out and about on the streets ofAuckland.  Our part-time contractors will be handing out flyers, explaining how the new rules will work and making sure that people know the date the changes will occur.


Give Way Rule

If you’d like to know more about the new give way rules, here’s a link:


PeopleMax staff are fantastic at getting your message out there.  If you need part or full-time contract workers, contact PeopleMax® today – the no hassle contract work-force provider.

ActionActors - Promo Workers
Rail Safety Week

Well done and congratulations to our ActionActors, Andy & Jamie, who have once again provided the talent for promotional launch of Rail Safety Week.

These boys have been donning the red and white stripy lycra suits for over a year now to become the recognisable face of Rail safety at crossings around the country.

To view Promo Workers, visit ActionActors.

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